St Peters Catholic Primary School

St Peters Catholic Primary School


On 23 June 2016 a vote was held to decide whether the UK should remain in the Europe or leave it. More than 30 million people voted and Leave won.

A new word was created – Brexit – which is a short way of saying “the UK are leaving” by mixing the words Britain and Exit.

The European Union is made up of 28 European Countries.

Once the vote had taken place, new Prime Minister Theresa May had to make a special plan called Article 50, which she did on 29 March 2017. This is a way of telling the European Council about the UK’s plans to leave the EU.

This has happened and the UK Government is now in talks to decide exactly how the split should happen. This is a complicated process as all the remaining 27 countries’ parliaments have to agree with the deal.  

The UK and the EU have two years to agree how they will split from each other, which means that we should leave the EU no later than April 2019.