St Peters Catholic Primary School

St Peters Catholic Primary School


A wide variety of teaching and learning styles are used within PSHE  education, with an emphasis on active learning and the teacher as facilitator.

At St Peter's this includes planned learning activities(drawing on a range of learning styles – where children read; look; or do); skills practise and review and reflection. Other active learning tools include: warm up activities, open questions, role play, scenarios or case studies; structured debates, media analysis, trigger material, engaging through story and closing rounds.

Structured Debates

Whole school debate: ‘Should football be banned at playtimes?’

 Key Stage 1 Debate: Should we change letterboxes?

British politicians will debate letterboxes

Advocates for the men and women who bring people their bills and letters insist it’s a serious issue, with slots installed too low increasing the risk of injury.

In a bulletin to its branches last year, the Communications Workers Union announced it would revive its low-level letterbox ban campaign in a bid to reduce “possible injuries such as dog bites, fingers being trapped or back strain”.

The issue was first raised in 1958, but has never been enshrined in law.

“The problem still exists and the huge increase in house building over the last decade has in many areas of the country made the problem worse for postal delivery workers,” it said.

The momentum for change has been strong over the past 12 months, with pundits saying now is the time to legislate a ban.

The British Government has set a target of building one million new homes by 2020, with some 217,000 dwellings constructed in 2016-17.

The CWU said a number of those properties are popping up with mailboxes that are too low and it fears Brexit could see “good standards” ending up on a “bonfire of regulations”.