St Peters Catholic Primary School

St Peters Catholic Primary School

Author and Illustrator

Paul Geraghty Visits St Peter's

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Paul Geraghty is a British based author and illustrator of children's picture books. He also writes teenage fiction and won the Young Africa Award for his first novel Pig.

Maybe you have read one of his books. Try 'Dinosaur in Danger'.

With a mighty blast the great volcano burst and snakes of red-hot lava raced down the mountain. As the forest burned and the animals fled, one young dinosaur struggled to survive, alone...

Meticulously researched in conjunction with the Natural History Museum, London, this story for dinosaur fans will also provide encouragement to the child who has recently moved to a new school or neighbourhood.

‘Terrific... an  outstanding wildlife illustrator, he tells the tale of Talon, a little lost Deinonychus who survives the threat of carnosaurs, a volcano erupting, and rejection by her own species. It almost persuades you lizards can love.’ - The Times

 Use the link below to explore Paul Geraghty's website.