St Peters Catholic Primary School

St Peters Catholic Primary School


Personal, Social, Health and

            Citizenship Education           

Aims and Objectives

At St Peter's School we aim to ensure that:

  • each child develops confidence and responsibility
  • each child makes the most of their abilities
  • each child learns how to play an active role in school life

as citizens

  • each child develops a healthy, safe lifestyle
  • each child develops good relationships and respects the differences between people

 standards of achievement are raised

  • through children who are more secure, motivated, confident and independent learners

We recognise the importance of developing the physical and mental well being of our pupils. We believe that P.S.H.E. and Citizenship should:

  • encourage children to value their achievements
  • enable children to deal with risks and meet the challenges of life now and in the future
  • enable children to identify their values and strive to live up to them
  • enable children to relate positively to their neighbourhood and local communities
  • promote equality for alli
  • improve the health of the children


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St Peter's PSHCE Yearly Overview