St Peters Catholic Primary School

St Peters Catholic Primary School


St Peter’s Catholic Primary School are working in partnership with parents to improve school attendance.

It is essential for children to be in school regularly to benefit fully from their educational opportunities.  Good attendance will ensure that children can reach their full potential. To achieve this, children need to attend school every day. We are sure you would not jeopardise your children’s academic progress by taking them away during term time.

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It is a parent’s legal responsibility to ensure their children receive appropriate education.  Failing to send your child to school regularly without good reason is a criminal offence.  

Absence disrupts the education of the individual pupil and the whole class. Are you aware that children who do not attend regularly:

  • do not achieve well in exams
  • find it difficult to maintain friendships
  • are more likely to become involved in crime
  • miss out on opportunities in further education and the world of work?

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Spotlight on Attendance Letter to Parents