St Peters Catholic Primary School

St Peters Catholic Primary School


“Reading for pleasure, achievement for life”

Children need to engage with high quality picture books, novels, poetry and non-fiction through a wide range of teaching approaches. Children need to be immersed into the text through music, art, drama, discussion and role-play. Other approaches include responding to illustrations, ‘Book Talk’, story mapping and book making. Children need to be motivated to take ownership of the text and engage with it deeply.

Wallowing in Words

Whole School Assembly

14th June 2016


Aim: To understand the value and uniqueness of reading and the joy and excitement that is contained in books


Mrs Downes told us that  books are magic. Reading is special. The ‘Velveteen Rabbit’ is a very old book, which people used to read to themselves, and to others, a long time ago - and still read. ‘Gangsta Granny’ is a brand new book, which you are reading, or listening to, today. Whether the book is old or new, when you open it and read that first line, a whole new and exciting world unfolds


Once upon a time, long, long ago in a faraway land, it was wintertime and the snow lay thickly on the ground ... The story begins to live in your head, in your thoughts, and your imagination. You picture what is happening. Where is it happening? In deep snow? In sweltering jungle? Up the sheer side of a mountain? Inside a castle? Outside in the street? Who are the characters? What are they? Humans? Animals? Aliens? Monsters? Spirits? What happens? What is it about? Shipwreck? Fighting a battle? Losing a ball? Hanging from a cliff edge? Discovering an unknown species?

The sun slid down behind the hills and darkness enveloped the garden. The monster had gone and would never come back to frighten them again so they all lived happily ever after.

 Mrs Downes then shared a poem with us.


I love to read - it's such a special thing to do.

Books are worlds of magic and fun,when we have the key

To unlock all we want to know about everything

New and wondrous, old, enchanting and fantastic.


I love to read - it's such a special thing to do.

There are books about shipwrecks, dragons and distant lands,

Funny people, sad people, naughty and bad people,

Grim castles with drawbridges, swish high apartments.


I love to read - it's such a special thing to do.

Find out about motorbikes, tap dancing and cricket,

Recipes for pancakes tossed with lemon and sugar,

Fashion, make-up, CDs and games; international news.


I love to read - it's such a special thing to do.

The story works in your head. You can see the pictures

In your mind, you can know the people, and solve the plot.

You and the author join hand in hand to make it live.


I love to read - it's such a special thing to do.


Mrs Downes then asked us to reflect about the opportunities we get to read and we finished our assembly with a prayer.

Dear God,

Thank you for the precious gift of reading and the wonderful books waiting for us to pick up and read. Thank you that whoever we are, whatever our interests, there are books that are just right for us.