St Peters Catholic Primary School

St Peters Catholic Primary School

'The learning Pit' at St Peter's

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At St Peter's we have adopted ' The Learning Pit' and are using it as an effective tool to help our children understand their learning journey; why challenge is so important and the power of effective feedback. 'The Leaning Pit' also helps them to visualise their learning journey.

We are also encouraging the children to have a Growth Mindset (Carol Dweck) and an understanding that making mistakes and not giving up with their learning is okay. Looking at the Learning Pit helps pupils understand that learning is challenging but we can get better at it (i.e. get out of the Pit) by using strategies which can help us.

Look at the photographs of the class learning pits.

In Year 6, the children use 'The Pit' effectively to tackle problem solving activities. One child said "I get learning, it is like a flower if you don't water it, it will wilt and die". Pupil Voice from this class shows that the children find this an effective tool in supporting their learning journey.

In Year 5 the class recorded the emotions they experience as they enter the pit, stay in the pit and finally emerge. They confidently talk about their learning.


In Year 4, the children have posted ideas of what they can do for when they are stuck in the pit.


In Year 3, the children express the strategies they can use to get out of the pit.

In Year 1 and Year 2 the children have a screen picture on their interactive white board which they refer to.